Al Moutassem Billah Mahmoud Khair 309

Al Moutassem Billah Mahmoud Khair

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Major Field: Biology
Previous Position: Researcher, Dept. of Radiobiology & Health, Atomic Energy Commission of Syria.
Present Position: Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry (COD), Ajman University
Qualification: Ph.D., Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1989
M.Sc., Biology, State Leningrad University, 1985
B.Sc., Biology, Damascus University, 1981
My M.Sc. and Ph.D. projects were studying the effects of ionizing radiation in biological systems at cellular levels in inducing chromosomal aberrations, polyploidy, cell cycle, cell fusion and chromatin conformation. These studies were performed both in vivo & in vitro using immunofluorescence microscope and flow cytometers.
I have 7 publications, 9 presentations & 14 participations in workshops, training courses & conferences.

1. 1983-1989: Studies and researches for M.Sc. & Ph.D
2.1989-1997: Worked as researcher in Dept. of Radio-Biology & Health, Atomic Energy Commission of Syria and part time lecturer in Damascus University.
The following reseaches were carried out:
a. Flow cytometrical study of chromatin conformation in human lymphocytes of patients with hereditary diseases.
b. Flow cytometrical study of chromatin conformation and chromosomal aberrations in human lymphocytes after irradiation and hyperthermia.
c. The effect of Gamma rays on liver ploidy of mouse embryo using flow cytometry.
d. Flow cytometrical study of estrogen receptor and DNA content in breast cancer.
e. The effect of Deltamethrin on cell cycle stages of chicken embryo organogenesis.
3.1997-Date: I am working in College of Dentistry for Ajman University teaching: Histology & Cell Biology, Oral Histology, Fundamentals of Biology, MFDS Training Program, RCSI & Dental Basic Sciences II (MSRD)

Histological changes in the oral cavity under the effect of different factors like X-Ray, Laser & diseases.

Aughsteen A. A., Khair A-M. B. and Suleiman A. A. (2006): Quantitative morphometric study of the skeletal muscles of normal and streptozotocin-diabetic rats. J. Pancreas (Online), 7, 4, pp.382-389.