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Maher AbdelFattah Al shayeb

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Dr. Maher AL Shayeb graduated from the College of Dentistry at Ajman University. He completed his Master of Science in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Jordan University of Science and Technology. And he received his Fellowship in Oral Implantology from the International Congress of Oral Implantologist in the United States of America.
He is active member in the Jordanian Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Association, International Congress of Oral Implantologist, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
He is a lecturer and clinical supervisor in the department of Oral and the Maxillofacial Surgery. Also he serves as the head of the infection control department, and coordinator for the student’s activities in the College of Dentistry in Ajman University

- Teaching the university courses using the latest methods and tools of teaching
- Using the E-learning Moodle system actively to communicate with students
- Training and supervising the students in the oral and maxillofacial surgery
- Induction and training the students about the latest infection control protocol
- Planning, developing and implementing scientific research in the dental field
- Advising, guiding the dental students in their registration for the main courses
- Participating in conferences, workshops, and organizing training programs
- Reviewing and updating the course syllabus for several dental courses
- Coordination of the student activities as well as organizing community services
- Active enrollment in the administrative duties as it requested by the deanship

* Current research:
- The clinical effectiveness of low-level laser in 940 nm in the management of the temporomandibular joint disorders: A non-randomized clinical study
- Effect of Carbonization on Soft Tissue Healing Using Diode Laser at Different Pulse Widths of 500 and 1000MSEC
- Comparative Efficacy of 200 AND 400 Micrometer Fiber Optic Diode Fiber using 500 and 1000 msec Pulse Widths for Gingival Depigmentation Procedure

* Research Interest:
- Utilization of the laser in oral surgery
- The epidemiology of the maxillofacial trauma
- The epidemiology of the salivary gland neoplasm
- The success and failures of dental implant
- The updated techniques in sinus lift
- The current concepts in maxillofacial imaging
- Evaluation of oral soft-tissue lesions
- The current concepts in infection control

Al Sarraj Y., Nair S.C., Al Siraj A., AlShayeb M.: Characteristics of salivary gland tumours in the United Arab Emirates. Ecancermedicalscience,2015; 9: 583