Hussein A. A. Elmasmari 2759

Hussein A. A. Elmasmari

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1- Fellowship in oral Implantology (ICOI) USA
2- Master in Restorative dentistry Sheffield university, UK.
3- Bachelor of Dental Surgery Garyounis University, BENGHAZI, LIBYA.

* I was working as clinical Instructor for graduate students in restorative department school of Dentistry, Sheffield University, UK.
* I was working in 7th October Hospital in Libya as consultant in restorative dentistry giving lectures and demonstration to the newly graduate dentist.
*I was working in Garyounis University, Dental school as full time staff from 2000 to 2007 in restorative department giving lectures and clinical supervising 3rd & 4th year and MFDS .

*The efforts is established to a well planned research according to the college strategy and this will furnish the basis for graduate studies in dentistry.
* The through the availability of resources, I can carry out research that will, certainly, be directed towards community health problems as well as applied clinical research in restorative dentistry.
* Marginal adaptation of composite restoration in compound class II cavities with different polymerization technique.