Awad Omran Ashekhi 4476

Awad Omran Ashekhi

BDS - July1979 .
M.Sc. - Sept.1986 .
Ph.D. - Oct, 1991 .
Diploma MOMS (Royal College) - 2007

36 years (from 1979 - continuing) as Oral and Maxillo-facial Aesthetic Surgeon, Implantologist and Laser Treatment [ Clinical and Academic ].

- Effects of Local Anaesthesia on the nerve.
- The effect of trauma ( compression, stretch ......etc. ) on blood supply and nerves.
- Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and drugs injection.
- Different Drug effects on different areas of the mouth and the face.
- Healing and Immediate loading of the implant.
- The effects of Dental Laser on oral soft tissue.

- Design and Create courses, Under-graduate and Post-graduate in Topics related to my Field.
- Invited Lecturer for many conferences.