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Advanced Endodontics Workshop at Fujairah Campus

Sunday, Mar 12, 2017

College of Dentistry, Fujairah Campus organized a workshop on advanced Endodontics. It was held in cooperation with F.K.G Dentaire a Swiss Company specializing in Dentistry and its various specializations.

The course included an advanced lecture in Endodontics and focused on rotary instrumentation and single cone obscuration techniques. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Ali Razooki, Deputy Dean, College of Dentistry and Dr. Israa Al Ayoobi the Endodontist specialist, they explained that the I-Race rotary instruments and the advanced system it employs to serve its purpose.

Two workshops were held on the sidelines of the course in which 51 third and fourth year students attended the workshops to improve their practical skills in the use of advanced rotary instruments.