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AU Held its First White Coat Ceremony

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017

College of Dentistry at AU held its first White Coat Ceremony for the freshmen joining the program this academic year. This ceremony is practiced to welcome the new students to the Medical Profession.

Dr. Karim Seghir, AU Chancellor attended the event, he congratulated the students on starting a new phase of their life and their families. He reminded the students about the commitment and professionalism they need to adhere to. Dr. Salim Abu Fanas, Dean, College of Dentistry also welcomed the students and encouraged them to utilize the University facilities and reap maximum benefit from the Education at AU.

The students expressed their pleasure at choosing AU as their university and partner in career. 200 students from different nationalities joined the student cadre at AU. Their parent and family where there to cheer them at the induction ceremony.

The event emphasized the importance of the human side of medicine and the importance of integrating it into the science and technology of medical practice. Briefing on the ethics of medicine, never to forgetting to reflect on what the purposes of being a good doctor. Emphasizing the fact that the core objective of doctors was to do good for the health of the people they served.  These were some of the points the speakers highlighted.