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Healthy Minds in Bright Smiles AU– Fujairah Campus

Friday, May 12, 2017

AU Fujairah Campus, Faculty of Dentistry organized an Oral Health awareness activity titled “Healthy Minds in Bright Smiles” in collaboration with Pharmapal, Gum and Oral B, as one of the initiatives of the year of Giving.

The activity targeted primary school students (Fujairah Islamic Scientific Academy-Grade 2) and Fujairah Thalassemia Center patients, the total number of participant was 65 child. The aim of the activity was to raise the level of Oral and Dental Health awareness among the children by engaging them in age appropriate activities including plays, interactive dialogues, scientific experiments and games.

The feedback was amazing from all the participants and the staff of the College of Dentistry as the message was delivered through an interesting program that considered all levels. In addition, the participating companies were pleased from their contribution in the event and they were excited by the performance of the college 4th year dental students.

Along with that a “Healthy Juice Competition was conducted and students from various colleges participated enthusiastically, judges announced the winners based on several criteria and gifts were distributed.

One of the most important aims of the College of Dentistry is to actively contribute with the other entities to promote Health Awareness of the society and play an active role in it.